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Mindfulness on Silent Hikes & Walks

A Silent Hike & Walk is an opportunity to be quietly immersed in nature, away from responsibilities, job demands, social media, cell phones, television, and our unending list of things to do. It is a refreshing break from our busy lives.

While on the trail, hikers are not absorbed in conversations and sharing their life stories with each other. We are silent. We take the opportunity to slow things down for a short time and be aware. To breathe, and notice breathing. To walk, and notice walking. We can even check in to see how we are feeling. Is calmness present? Perhaps happiness or gratitude. Maybe relief?

This is how we begin to train the mind to be aware while on a Silent Hike & Walk. We walk with the “intention to pay attention”. We are awake to what our body and mind are doing in the present moment. Why does this matter? Because, much of what is created in our mind is the cause of stress, dissatisfaction, and discomfort in our lives.

Mindfulness is one of the most important practices we can learn in our lifetime. When we train our mind to be present, we will spend less time thinking about the past and future. It’s simple. All we need to do is observe our body and mind closely. To sense what is happening on the INSIDE as we experience the OUTSIDE world. The result will be less stress and more happiness in our daily lives.

Please join us on a Silent Hike & Walk to learn more about mindfulness training and walking meditation. All gatherings are FREE. The rewards are invaluable!

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”Carl Jung

Preparation for the Silent Hikes & Walks

Participants must bring their own face mask or face shield, and hand sanitiser. Our group size will be small, with a maximum of 8 participants, with physical distancing of 6-8 feet.

Due to the wild nature of the parks, please wear or bring the items below to ensure comfort and safety.

Hiking Shoes

Sturdy running shoes or boots are required as sections of the hiking trail are rugged. DO NOT wear open back sandals or flip flops.

Hiking Socks

Comfortable socks that allow for good airflow are recommended. They should pull up to mid-calf to cover any exposed skin that could brush against plants.

Athletic Pants

Loose, comfortable bottoms should cover your ankles. Hiking, yoga or track pants will do.

Athletic Top

A comfortable top with the ability to wick away moisture is recommended. If a t-shirt is worn, be sure to pack a long sleeve top for layering.

Sweater or Light Jacket

If the weather is cool, wear a light athletic jacket or a sweater. Layers can be easily added or removed as needed.


Wear a wide brim cap or hat for comfort and protection from the sun.


A pack can be used to carry car keys, a wallet, water, a light layer of clothing and snacks.

Water Bottle

Bring an appropriate amount of water for your body. It is advised to hydrate during the walk and break time.


Extra supplies will be available at the start of the Hike

Bottled water, first-aid supplies, and bug repellent

Please speak to a volunteer if you require assistance.


  • Correct Meditation does not undertake and does not have any responsibility, for the accuracy of any information provided or to determine or assure the suitability or safety of any hike or the terrain of the hike or other event or of any related activity, in general or as to a particular person.
  • Correct Meditation has no duty to provide medical or other assistance or advice to any hiker.
  • Each person who participates, accepts responsibility for making their own determinations and for their own safety, conduct and well being; recognises that possible hazards exist when attending or participating in outdoor activities and each hiker agrees to participate solely at his/her own risk.
  • By participating on the hike, you on behalf of yourself and your heirs, assigns and minor children agree as set out above; release Correct Meditation and agree to hold Correct Meditation harmless and free of blame for any accident, injury, illness or damage related to or arising out of or during any other event, including any claim that Correct Meditation was negligent; and release any person associated with Correct Meditation who provides assistance, advice or aid during an event from all liability for any act or omission in connection with such provision, including any claim that such person was negligent.
  • Participation on a hike arranged or organised by Correct Meditation is purely voluntary and each person who participates is doing so of his/her own volition without any fear, threats, compulsion or influence by any person in particular the organisers of Correct Meditation or any other person.
Let's notice that there is a body.
Let's notice that there is a mind.
See that both are changing and moving.

Enjoy Silent Hikes & Walks in 7 Beautiful Parks

  • Rouge National Park
  • Sunnybrook Park
  • Wilket Creek Park
  • Bluffer's Park
  • High Park
  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • Woodbine Beach & The Boardwalk

55 Twyn Rivers Drive, Toronto

From Highway 401 to the Twyn River Area Parking Lot
Exit Meadowvale Road northbound. Turn right at Sheppard Avenue East. Turn left at Twyn Rivers Drive. Once you enter the Park follow Twyn Rivers Drive for several minutes.
Cross over the single lane bridge, and continue on the winding road until you pass a second, two lane bridge. Shortly after this, you will come to a parking lot on the right hand side. The group will meet there.

Note: There is a small parking lot at Sheppard Ave E and Twyn River Drive immediately after you enter the park. DO NOT park in this lot as you will need to drive a few minutes further into the Rouge to reach the meeting spot.

Meeting Spot:
Meet in the parking lot at 55 Twyn Rivers Drive

The Rouge Urban National Park

1132 Leslie St, Toronto

Sunnybrook Park

1100 Leslie St, Toronto

Near: Leslie St & Eglinton Ave E

Wilket Creek Park

1 Brimley Rd South, Scarborough

From Highway 401 to Bluffers Park Beach.
Take Highway 401 to Brimley Rd. Go south toward the lake.
After you pass Kingston Road continue south on Brimley to the bottom of the steep hill then turn left at Bluffers Park Beach Road. Park in the lot at Bluffers Park Beach. The group will meet there.

Meeting Spot:
Meet in the parking lot at Bluffer’s Park Beach

Bluffer's Park

1873 Bloor St. West, Toronto

From the North of the city, take Highway 401 to 427 south. Drive for 46 km and take the Gardiner Expressway toward Toronto. Next, take Lake Shore Blvd to Parkside Drive. Turn left and drive to Bloor Street W.
Park in the area or inside High Park near the Bloor Street W. and Colbourne Lodge Drive meeting spot.

From the South of the city, take Lake Shore Blvd to Parkside Drive. Turn north and drive to Bloor Street W.
Park in the area or inside High Park near Bloor Street W. and Colbourne Lodge Drive.

Meeting Spot:
Meet at the Bloor St. W. entrance at the Colbourne Lodge Drive

Closest TTC station:
High Park Station

High Park

550 Bayview Ave, Toronto

From Highway 401 to the Don Valley Parkway
Go south to Bayview Ave. Take the north cut off on Bayview Ave and then turn left into the entrance of Evergreen Brick Works at 550 Bayview Ave.

Meeting Spot:
Meet near the West parking lot at the sign “You are here”

Evergreen Brickworks

1675 Lakeshore Blvd East, Toronto

From Highway 401 to Woodbine Beach and The Boardwalk
Take Don Valley Parkway South to Don Mills Road in East York. Take the Don Mills Road South exit from Don Valley Parkway South. Then take O'Connor Dr and Woodbine Ave to Lake Shore Blvd East in Old Toronto.

Meeting Spot:
Meet at the Woodbine Bathing Station building by the boardwalk next to the parking lot

Woodbine Beach and The Boardwalk

Silent Hike & Walk Facilitators

Lynn Marie is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Meditation Coach in the GTA. She is the founder of Correct Meditation, the Toronto Silent Hikes & Walks Program and Metta Meditation Walks in the City. Lynn combines her love of nature, hiking, silence and mindfulness to teach individuals how they can “wake up” to their inner world of body, thoughts and feelings. She can be reached at


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