Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops

Mindfulness & Meditation

Training for Young Men & Women

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through social media? Are you binge watching shows, shopping, or gaming for multiple hours in a day? Have you been looking for ways to escape stress and boredom in life? Are you trying to deal with a busy mind that is stuck in revolving thoughts, stories and emotions?

In this program, mindfulness training is introduced so students can become aware of the inner-chatter and the shifting nature of emotions. With mindfulness, we can be ok on the inside when things are not ok on the outside.

Learn how to be present, authentic, and calm with the help of mindfulness training and formal meditation. True happiness and peace will follow!

Weekly Meeting Includes:

  • 45 Minute Weekly Commitment
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Formal Meditation
    (Walking, Sitting)
  • Threefold Training
  • Homework

15 minutes of daily practice will
change your life!

What's happening on the inside?

in Daily Life

Participants will learn how to train the mind in awareness while engaging in everyday activities at home or work. This active workshop is filled with mindfulness exercises so that participants can experience firsthand how quickly and how often the mind goes off to think, jumping back to the past or ahead to the future, without any intention to do so.

With regular practice, mindfulness will arise automatically as the mind becomes familiar with thinking, emotions and sensations within the body. The result is an increase in happiness, calm and understanding, and a decrease in emotional stress.

A mindful moment is a peaceful moment.

Start a Meditation Practice

Learn the basics of meditation and how to start up a daily practice. Participants will create a virtual meditation space and experience a meditation session after reviewing the following:

  • Types of Meditation and Benefits
  • The Importance of Mindfulness
  • The Four Basic Postures
  • Choosing an Object of Meditation
  • Preparing a Quiet Space to Practise
  • Types of Sitting Support ( Floor, Cushion, Bench, Chair)

An ancient practice that will benefit you today!

Mindful Eating

Learn how to eat mindfully and not mindlessly during mealtimes. In this workshop, participants will see and know the difference between the physical body, the wandering mind and emotions. When we sit down to eat or drink during this class, we can bring our attention to these processes of chewing. We can notice how our awareness moves out quickly to think, to see, to taste, to smell, to hear and to touch.

Many of the snacks and meals we intake during our daily life are not driven by true hunger, but rather out of habit. Often, boredom or craving states are the motivators.

Practise mindful eating in silence at least once per day.

The Four Divine Emotions

This workshop introduces the Brahma-Viharas. The virtues of loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. They are also known as The Four Divine Emotions. Participants will learn the history and benefits of cultivating these virtues based on the ancient teachings.

During the second half of the workshop, the practice of Metta will be experienced through a variety of guided meditations. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own Metta Meditation to recite at home, work or as needed. Metta can reduce or eliminate anger and jealousy, and increase loving kindness within and to all living beings.

Metta Meditation

The Four Meditation Postures

In the 1st half of this workshop, participants will practise meditating in the four core postures: standing, sitting, walking and reclining. Students will learn the importance of choosing a meditation object and will experiment to see what fits best, i.e. the in-breath, out-breath, a mantra, a body scan, a moving body part, etc. In the 2nd half, of the workshop, participants will learn how mindfulness can be developed during formal meditation and daily activities. These teachings will be practised in the four postures so that the “inner world” of mind & body can be experienced.

Practise walking meditation inside your home...

...or outside in your backyard.

Buddha Basics 101

This workshop offers an overview of the Buddha’s core teachings. Participants will be introduced to the Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eight Fold Path and the Five Precepts. A guided meditation and group discussion will help newcomers gain insight into why meditation and mindfulness practice is essential in daily life. Includes a Q & A period for all newcomers to meditation and mindfulness training.

Right View, Right Intention. Right Speech, Right Action. Right Livelihood. Right Effort. Right Mindfulness. Right Concentration.

Buddha Basics 102

This workshop offers an overview of the Buddha’s teachings on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and The Three Characteristics of Existence. Mindfulness exercises, guided meditations and group feedback will help participants gain a greater understanding of their meditation and mindfulness practice through their direct experience. Includes a Q & A period and homework suggestions.

Mindfulness of Body
Mindfulness of Feelings
Mindfulness of Mind
Mindfulness of Natural Processes

Happiness is an inside job.
Let's get to work!

Workshops in Toronto

One hour Zoom workshops are available on a rotating schedule throughout the year. They are free of charge to those who are interested in learning more about the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and Metta. Monthly mailings will alert you to course dates and times.

If you would like to arrange a workshop for family or friends, please fill out the information below. A private gathering on Zoom can be organised with a minimum of six participants. The workshop can be customised and will run 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the subject matter and activities planned.

Workshops Offered:

Mindfulness & Meditation for Young Men & Women
Mindfulness in Daily Life
How to start a Meditation Practice
Mindful Eating
Metta Meditation & the Divine Emotions
The Four Meditation Postures
Buddha Basics 101
Buddha Basics 102

Private Workshops on Zoom

    About the Teacher

    Lynn Marie is a certified Mindfulness Instructor and Meditation Coach in the GTA but considers herself first and foremost, a student of the Dhamma. She is the founder of Correct Meditation, the Toronto Silent Hike Program and Metta Meditation Walks in the City.

    Lynn shares her knowledge and experience of the ancient teachings through a variety of workshops which include meditation and mindfulness training as well as the practice of Metta: loving-kindness to all beings. She encourages participants to cultivate a daily meditation practice and to live a life of harmlessness towards all beings and oneself.

    Workshop Fees

    In the spirit of generosity, work shops are offered at no charge to participants who are interested in learning about mindfulness and correct meditation. The best way to express gratitude for Lynn’s time is to put the teachings into practice and to experience the benefits of ‘waking up’ to the inner world of body, thoughts and feelings.

    For those who would like to practice generosity and offer a donation, please consider contacting the charities below as many would benefit from your kindness.